Hi, my name is Carolyn Frey. Welcome to my little corner of the internet. For starters, I am currently 19 and my last name is pronounced fry. I decided to take a gap year in-between high school and college due to chronic illnesses. I currently live in Fort Wayne, IN and Mansfield, OH.  I currently attend the University of Cincinnati and am a freshman in the exploratory program; I love creativity and I hope to incorporate that into my job someday.

I hope this site can be a place where I share my creativity, thoughts, and experiences. I am inspired by anything and everything, hence I’d classify my work as eclectic. I have put full bodies of work as well as individual pieces within the art section of this website. Other than creating art, I am a french horn player and was apart of my high school marching band. I also love to travel and have been lucky enough to travel all over the USA and to Europe, as well as The Caribbean.