I participated in the marching band all four years of high school; I loved being a part of this activity. Not only did I become a better musician, but I also became a better person. My school's marching band was known as The Charger Pride. I marched a mellophone; since I am a French horn player. When I say this most people give me a puzzled look. So, I’ve come up with an easy explanation: it looks like a big trumpet but sounds like a french horn.

I joined the marching band without hesitation, little did I know what I was getting myself into. Along with the grueling hours and temperatures came the ever-present “one more time”.  The band, especially your section, becomes your family. It’s not the music, or competitions, that make you fall in love with it, it’s the people and the environment that’s created.

Every year our show has a different theme. My Freshman year the show was entitled “Alchemy” and was about turning things into gold. At one point in the show, we all had a gold cloth drop down from our waist, that when we moved it looked as if a sea of gold was moving across the field. This year we were semi-state finalists.

My sophomore year was titled “Noctorna Animalia”. This show was about nocturnal animals and the different stages of the night. For this show, we had to envision ourselves as a creature and perform as it would, throughout the stages of the night within the show. We came in 10th at state finals that year.

“Through Tearful Eyes” was the title of the show my junior year. This show was about how everyone cries and the meaning behind it. The four movements were based on sadness, anger, isolation, and joy. This show was probably my favorite and we finished 9th at state.

My senior year was entitled “Within the Glass” this show was based on the poem “The Man in The Glass” by Peter Dale Winbrow Sr. It was how at the end of the day you look yourself in the mirror and have to be happy with yourself, you are accountable for your actions, you can’t fool yourself. We finished 8th at state that year, the highest the school has ever finished in class A at state.

Marching band was a huge part of my life I made lifelong friendships and memories I will never forget. From the long hours, extremely early mornings, and late nights (which are actually morning again), to the stomach aching laughter it was all worth it, every second of it. For something to be that special you really have to put your heart in it.